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Sustainable fashion?

Paro helps discover emerging designers who are driving the fashion industry towards a sustainable future. The industry behind the clothing we wear is one of the most damaging to the planet, and Paro doesn’t stand for the status quo. Paro only stocks independent brands who design and produce awesome clothing in a way that’s better for people and our planet. Good design, that’s good for the world.

Not your typical online store


1 – conforming to a particular type.
2 – of the nature of or serving as a type or representative specimen.

“How to tell the story when it comes to Paro’s online proposition?”, was the main question when Nakatori started working with Paro on A design, appealing to the target audience is obvious, but how can you visually support the story about sustainable brands and the manufacturing process? With ‘Good Design Codes’ the brilliant team at Paro used to divide brands and studios into 9 sustainable categories! From there, the Paro design team worked closely with the development team at Nakatori, to build the online experience with the categories incorporated.

It’s hard to find sustainable brands, and especially to gain knowledge about them, so we bring that together at If we want customers to know the manufacturing process, we have to provide them with that information. It is also nice for makers if consumers know how much effort and love they put into the products.

Zoe Patienceco-founder Paro