Unsanctioned Running

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Platform & Tech

  • Shopify OS 2.0
Awards & Mentions
  • Awwwards Mobile Excellence
  • Awwwards Honors

An ethical and sustainable running gear apparel company headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Unsanctioned is committed to being the most eco-friendly in the indie running game. Instead of putting more “virgin plastic” (aka polyester) out into the world, Unsanctioned has created “BottleKnit™” – or “100% recycled plastic bottles collected and shredded in Europe and reborn into a premium, breathable, moisture-wicking performance running fabric, in Milan, Italy.” And you can be sure they aren’t cutting any corners — even their packaging incorporates recycled paper, soybean ink, and plant-based, compostable materials.

It was essential that this core belief was reflected in the online store, while still presenting Unsanctioned as a cool brand with a vision.

An immerse customer journey

Nakatori designed and developed an immersive shopping experience in close collaboration with Carlos Furnari, Unsanctioned’s CEO. Nakatori crafted a custom theme with a mobile-first approach in mind. The result is an award-winning production that offers a great shopping experience while also sending out a great message and brand experience.

“…committed to being the most eco-friendly in the indie running game.”

- BuzzFeed

Seamless immersive.

Mobile excellence. As it’s meant to be.

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